Eating Like a Royal at Royal Stag, Bandung

[Update] According to their Twitter and Instagram, they are currently closed.

Last weekend, a very good friend of bf’s came to Bandung to attend her brother’s graduation. So, what do you do if a very good friend of yours come to visit your city? Take her to a good place to eat, of course. The first place that comes to my minds is Vanilla, which I blogged here, but sadly bf had already taken her there. So since we’re craving for meat, we decided to take her to Royal Stag.

We were hungry when we arrived, and we are not the type of people who eat a little during dinner. I am a true believer that dinner has to be cherished, fufufu. Well that resulted in my 3 kilograms weight gain just during my first 3 months in Bandung, sigh. Anyway, since we decided to eat bunch, I suggested to our beloved guest to order Triple Mini Sliders, which is basically 3 mini burgers with 3 types of meats : chicken, beef, and lamb. I have tried this once, and seriously after the second slice, the one burger left does not seem mini anymore. All of them do taste good.

Triple Mini Sliders - Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
Triple Mini Sliders – IDR 59.5k
Triple Mini Sliders - Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
Served With chips and pickles

Me, on the other hand, is very interested in what’s called Toad In The Hole. Worry not, because it does not have any toad inside. It is a Yorkshire pudding with sausages and cherry tomatoes inside, served with sauce. It’s the first time I ever had any “bread pudding” and it tastes amazing. And again, after the first half, I was already gasping for air because I’m too full already.

Toad In The Hole - Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
Toad In The Hole – IDR 39.5k
Toad In The Hole - Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
psst, there are still a bunch of sausages inside

Bf used to be sooo skinny back when I first met him. Now, don’t ask. He gained 20 kilograms alone after starting to work. So now I am not amazed anymore when he orderd a menu that has literally a lot of things in it, including tenderloin, onion rings, mashed potatoes and king prawn. This one is called Tender Surf.

Tender Surf - Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
Tender Surf – IDR 125.5k
Tender Surf - Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
from their web : Best of both world! grilled tenderloin beef and king prawn. Served with vegetable potato, black pepper and BBQ sauce.

Well, there is a reason why the restaurant is called “Royal” Stag. The place is made to look royal with all the big and glorious chandelier.

Inside Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
Nice floor and glorious chandelier
Inside Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
Look how happy bf is to see his best friend

Aside from the main room, they have unique spots that are calling to be captured. Like this one on the right side of the resto that when captured looks like a painting:

Inside Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
Notice the old organ at the very left of the picture?

And right beside that, where they put nice decorations on the shelves.

Inside Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
Nice calendar!

A little to the back, they have this corner, which have literally books hanging on their walls, with nice lamp cover.

Inside Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
Look at those horses!
Inside Royal Stag | GRACIALIO
Literally, books hanging on the ceiling.

To its right, you will find another different spot that gives different vibe which have tables for two.



This is one of the places that bf & I have visited more than once. We love the place, we have tried different seating spots, since they gave different vibes. And yes, we would gladly come back, not only because the place is good, but because the food is also good.  

Check their website at Royal Stag Bistro Jalan Bukit Dago Utara No 2 Bandung

Xoxo, Grc

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