Herb and Spice, Bandung

I will never went to Bandung on Saturday anymore. The traffic was awful. 2 weeks ago, my mother and brother decided to join me to visit bf in Bandung. It took usย 5 hours to reach Bandung from Bogor. Since we were planning to go to PVJ, and the traffic around itย has always been crowded, we decided to just spent our short visit there. And then only after my feet felt like it’s needing another pair, my mother said that we should buy something for my dad. And it was like 1.5 hours away from our ride back home schedule. So off we rush to infamous Primarasa to buy some snacks for my dad. Whenever I come to Primarasa, I always noticed that it has a cafe above the shop. It’s just that I have always already eaten when I reach there that I never have any time to visit it.

herb & spice 9
Herb and Spice
herb & spice 10
Herb and Spice
(View from upper floor)
herb & spice 11
Herb and Spice
(View of the upper floor)

But now, we purposely made time so that we would not be starving on the way home.ย But we had only half an hour to eat before we rushed to Cipaganti. Below, I’m gonna spam pictures before commenting on the food, drinks, and place ๐Ÿ™‚

herb & spice 1
Nasi Goreng
(Fried rice combined with chicken, sausages, egg, acar and crackers)
herb & spice 2
Mie Tek-Tek
(Traditional boiled egg noodle in tasty soup combined with chicken and veggies)
her & spice 3
Sweet Kernel Corn
(Sweet kernel corn served with creamy stock and crosstini)
herb & spice 4
Chicken Snitzel (?)

And here are our drinks :

herb & spice 5
Iced Lemon Tea
herb & spice 6
Blueberry Iced Tea
herb & spice 7
(the almighty) Lychee Mojito :p
herb & spice 8
Hot Tea

Now, the review. I didn’t got the chance to try all that we ordered myself. But we all agreed that the food is just so-so. The drinks are also just good. Not really anything special. But I prop them on how they present the food, and how it smelled sooo good. Andย I think since the name is Herb & Spice, I would like to go back and order menus that have more spices in it instead of just corn soup, haha. The place is nice, though. The first floor of the cafe has bar chair and tall tables. While on where we sit on the upper level, there are outdoor area with sofas and normal dining tables.

Overall, I would give 3.5/5 for the food & drinks, and 3.5/5 for the place as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Herb & Spice
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No.163
Bandung , Jawa barat
022 6070502


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