About This Blog

This blog was started on 2014 (then was using domain gracialio.wordpress.com) as the media for the author to share her experience with food in different restaurants. As author and her then long term boyfriend enjoyed good architecture, they chose to visit restaurants with good ambience.

Towards the end of 2016, as author and boyfriend had decided to get married and were in saving mode, the visits were put in a halt. But the itch to write was still there.

As of March 2017, after they got married, author decided that it’s time to give the blog a new home to get more serious with it. And so heytheregrace.com were born. In the future, the goal of this blog is to have more post, sharing experiences, tips and stories in life. It is also the goal to always improve the blog and make it more structured as reflected in menu and category. It is also decided that the blog would have two languages to share in, in English as it always have, and in Bahasa Indonesia, as author’s native language.

This blog shares mainly about food, places, TV series and life experiences.