Faith In Humanity Restored Story

Bf is free until next week before he has to go back to Sumbawa for a project. So he spend his morning taking me to my office. Today, we decided to have breakfast at a congee place near my office. In Indonesia, having congee as breakfast is totally the way to go. We even have a special acronym for it : nyabu, short for nyarap (verb, means having breakfast) and bubur (noun, means congee). It’s a wordplay also since nyabu is also verb for taking crystal meth (sabu-sabu in Indonesia).

Anyway, the place is quite full, so we have to share a table with another couple. In my direct line of view, there is this very old lady. She was selling something in her small and old gerobak (street food cart).

hu·man·i·ty \hyü-ˈma-nə-tē, yü-\
: the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals

In her cart, she has three thermoses. So I figured she might be selling drinks like tea and coffee, or she might be selling jamu (Indonesia’s traditional herb drinks). I have a weak heart. I immediately feel like buying whatever she’s selling. But it was morning, and I have always had bad stomach if I drink too much in the morning, let alone drink jamu. So I decided to just put my eyes elsewhere and just pray for her.

When we were waiting for our congee to arrive, the other couple in our table kept wondering wether their other order have already been made. But then I saw that they have empty bowls in front of them. My first thought was probably they order another congee to bring home. And then they stand up and the woman approached a nearby waitress and ask for her order. The waitress said it is being prepared. And then she made a gesture pointing at the old lady direction, and then she left. Not long after they left, the waitress got back out bringing the old lady a bowl of congee, complete with kerupuk (Indonesian crackers) and a glass of tea.

I ate my congee with the view of the old lady eating joyfully. I feel so relieved. My faith in humanity is restored this morning.