Had the Best Croissant Sandwich Ever at Mom’s Artisan Bakery, Bandung

A couple of Sunday ago, bf and I missed our church hour because yours truly here woke up too late. This time, when I came to his place it was already a little past the time we’re supposed to leave. Like usual, he never start getting ready until I come to his place. He was just woken up and still laying in bed with his iPad, making it impossible for us to catch church hour.

Usually, every Sunday before we go to church we would grab breakfast at the most convenient place near church: McDonald’s. Some other times, we went to KFC or GOR Pajajaran. So this time, since we already missed church, we decided to not go to our usual Sunday breakfast places and head elsewhere. Bf suggested to try this breakfast place in Jalan Progo, called Mom’s Artisan Bakery.


A while ago, a good friend of mine came to Bandung and asked me where to eat. She said she has been to GOR Pajajaran and this good bakery place. Only after we finished eating here and I posted the photo to Path that I realized that here is the place she talked about!

Anyway, the place is totally packed. There were only two empty tables left, and people were crowding inside trying to order.

Here, they give you options of what you can order in a piece of paper, like this:

The basic choice is, do you want salad or sandwich. As I am not a salad person, I chose sandwich. I’d totally choose sandwich all over again. And then we can also choose the bread we want to have, I chose to have croissant because earlier I saw a waiter bringing someone’s croissant order on my way in and it looked amazing. Yeah, I’m that easy to persuade, haha. And bf chose country bread. And then you can choose what choice of meat, basic filling, and choice of dressing you want with your sandwich. Then we took another paper that has drinks for us to order, put our names on each paper because they will call your name for your order, went to the cashier, paid, and wait.

After about 15 minutes of waiting, my food arrived, yeay! And it looked sooo good.

My croissant sandwich πŸ™‚
Look how all the fillings are inviting us to eat it :3
Croissant Sandwich with Smoked Beef, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Pickles, Jalapeno, Paprika, Boiled Eggs, and Cheese – IDR 38k

And then the waitress came back and told us that bf’s bread is sold out. In the end he decided to have croissant with his sandwich. So please forgive me if the picture of his food seems the same with mine, I just want to post it badly because it looked and tasted so good.


The thing with bf is that if he likes the food we eat so much, he wouldn’t talk when he eat. However crazy, stupid, and funny my rambling is, he wouldn’t reply. This time, I know his sandwich is that good because I was left out to eat in silence until he finished it all, while I have only ate half of mine. I have always been a slow eater.

Anyway, the drinks come with little cake! It should be one little cake per drink, but this is the last one piece they had.

The little cake that came with our drink (Ice Tea – IDR 18k)

And they also had sweets like cupcakes, macaroons, eclairs, almond croissant and apple pie.

The place itself is not that big, but comfy enough to take your bff to rumpi-rumpi (Bahasa Indonesia, translated roughly to girl chat).

If you ever had the chance to spend a night in Bandung, I suggest you try this for breakfast because the portion is big and imho this is better and cheaper than Subway if you might want to try the baguette. The prices I noted above are already including tax. I’d be glad to come back and take my guests here.

Mom’s Artisan Bakery
Jl. Progo 18
Bandung 40115
Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram account

Cheers, Grc

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