Happy Birthday Baby Brother

My brother and I were 5 years apart. Quite a big age gap. When I was in 6th or 7th grade, my brother was still in 1st or 2nd grade. We shared a room, even until now when husband and I went home, we still share a room (the three of us now). Anyway, I don’t remember how, but that time our late night talk come to a point where I said I wanted glitters. Literally dust of glitters. My little brother said that his friend bought one for a mere IDR 1000 for a little bottle in a street vendor in front of our school. So I ask him to buy me one. I remember I fell asleep not long after, not thinking much about it.

Then the next day come, and after school, my brother gave me this little bottle of red glitter. I still remember for the first time to feel grateful as ever, because he was probably only 6 years old at that time, and as a kid we only have enough pocket money to buy snacks. And that little bottle of glitter would cost him his snack. And then he said again

“But I fell after I bought it so the glitter scattered.”

Just then that I realize that the glitter inside is only a third of the bottle. But I still remember at that time for the first time I thought, it’s ok, even if there’s no one single dust of glitter left inside that tiny bottle, it’s ok, I love him nevertheless for buying me that.

I was 12 years old.

My brother taught me for the first time that I can love unconditionally when I was 12.

Happy birthday baby brother! You’re big and grown and probably would not read this, but I love you to the moon and back, and to the moon and back again! May your years be blessed and full of joy and may you never know any sorrow!