Netflix’s Grace & Frankie Season 5 Review

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Disclaimer : this is a subjective review. Also, spoiler alert.



Last season, Grace and Frankie was put in a retirement community and they hated it, attempted to break away from it and move back to their beach house. Can they do it?



Honestly, this season is a little frustrating to me. The thing that gets to me is that their personality becoming a problem (again). We know Grace and Frankie have contrasting personality, we’ve been through that rigorously in early seasons. And now it’s coming (again) after 5 seasons? We’ve seen during the earlier 4 seasons that Frankie’s careless and under-prepared personality would cause them end up in a mess. But in this season, every careless steps that Frankie made seems to work in the end, which is confusing. And I’m #teamGrace through and through (it’s quite a nice coincidence that we share the same name). I would also be very, very mad if my business partner carelessly make a promise of free products to over fifty thousand people.

I think the short number of episodes format that’s what I usually like from Netflix-produced TV series is a bad thing for this sitcom. This season of Grace & Frankie spends 2 episodes to handle previous season’s problems, and 4 episodes to build momentum for the season finale. That left us with just 7 episodes in the middle. These episodes in the middle are actually fun and easy to watch, and that’s what I wanted from this show. Fun and easy to watch. But to me, 7 episodes of fun is not enough to hold down the more serious 2 + 4 episodes to make this series refreshing to watch.

If there’s a next season, I would really love to have more of the fun and easy episodes, and more stories about the supporting characters. I know, I know that the title is Grace & Frankie. But I think developing the other character stories can also help us feels refreshed about the story as a whole. And also, I’d actually expect more harmony from Robert and Sol’s relationship. From what we know, they’ve been together for a long time, considering their affair started when they were married to Frankie and Grace. And they’ve spent so much time together as well.


What I Like The Most

Brianna, her character is always so fresh. A spin-off for Brianna sounds like a lot of fun.


What I Dislike The Most

The personality clash between Grace and Frankie is dragged on for way too long now.


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