Soleluna, Bandung

Good food, happy stomach. I used this quote a lot whenever I post any food that in social medias. But one more thing that will enhance the good feeling that’s tingling around while having a good meal : good design of the restaurant. For me and my boyfriend, we love good design of the resto as well as we love the good taste of the food. That’s why when I visited bf in Bandung last week I was looking for a nice decorated place to eat. As I did a little research, at first I put my decision to ‘Origin House & Kitchen’ in Jalan Sumatera (find the review I read here).

Thanks to Waze, the smart mobile application, we reached Jalan Sumatera successfully. The problem is, we have arrived in the said location, but we cannot find Origin anywhere. We were starving, found the area to eat, but cannot find the resto. What kind of sorcery is this? (calling all the 9gag readers). That’s when we spot this beautiful restaurant with unique design vibe right next to the Export Station. It’s a two storey restaurant building. We fell in love and decided to just eat there right when we saw the 2nd floor decoration. The place is called Soleluna. BelowΒ is the 2nd floor view. We fell in love with the cozy & colourful sofa and all those windows.

Image Image

A closer look at the shelf, those are real books. I was amazed when I found out. Image

Soleluna served Spanish foods. The name itself means Sun (Sol) and (e) Moon (Luna). There is one thing that I regret the most after eating here : I didn’t note down the name of the food we picked. I just remembered that bf ordered chicken-katsu-lookalike chicken, and I ordered ribs. The chicken tasted like usual chicken katsu, but the sauce makes it waaay better than I expected. The ribs was tender, thankfully, and tasted sweet. Bf said it was too sweet, but I’ve always liked anything sweet anyway. So it tasted very good for me.Β The price was around IDR 70 to IDR 90 for these two menus. However if you are in a money-saving mode, you can order the salads, which does not cost as much. The salad was only around IDR 20 to IDR 30. Here are the pics anyway:



Now this below, ladies and gentlemen, is green tea beer. For a reason I don’t understand, bf is obsessed with green tea and its kind. He would tried anything that has green tea on it. Even his favourite bubble tea drink is matcha latte. Anyhow, the drink looks super good. But not really ok in its taste. It tasted just like beer stirred with green tea powder. And those blue things were just the ice in the side of the cup.


Would I come back there? Yes I’d love to come back and try different menus πŸ™‚ I’d give 8/10 for the resto’s design, and 7.5 for the food. You really should come and visit this place if you have any chance. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

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