Breakfast at Hummingbird, Bandung

So last Sunday I decided to make another one-day-trip to Bandung to visit bf. I arrived at 8.30 AM, starving much. Without much thought, we decided to go straight to Hummingbird. I actually didn’t expect much because there is also Hummingbird here in Jakarta and I already tried to eat there once at Kuningan City. However, bf said the breakfast there is good and the place is also nice. So off we go ๐Ÿ™‚ I think Bandung’s citizen love to eat out. It’s breakfast time when we arrived there, but the place is already crowded. There were only a few empty tables left.

Anyway, after being seated and browse over the menu for maybe 15 minutes (yes we took that long time to choose), we decided to just share the breakfast. So we ordered ‘Full Monty’, which is practically just the big set of breakfast. It has everything a breakfast should have : fried egg, french fries, toasted bread & butter, tomato, ham, breadwurst and mushrooms. It looked like this:


As for the drink, I like anything lychee, so I excitedly ordered ‘Lychee Cucumber’. While bf, striking a healthier lifestyle, decided to choose one of the detox drinks called ‘The Booster’:


The food taste just as how it’s supposed to taste. It’s breakfast menu anyway, what to expect? Anyhow, the detox drink bf ordered was a mix of fruits that’s good for your body, but it taste not good that we ended up not finishing it. The ‘Lychee Cucumber’ on the other hand, taste sooo good. Aside from lychee and cucumber, it also has mint leaves and lemon. Sooo fresh. I’m gonna order this again the next time I eat at Hummingbird again. Maybe because I woke up so early in the morning, and then being on the road for 3 hours, or maybe I’m just an eater, after we almost finished the breakfast menu, I suddenly wanted to have pancake (well I think I’m an eater). Anyhow, in the end we decided to order ‘La Tanta’ with waffles (not pancake, I’m easy to change I know). The waffle came with maple syrup, ice cream, almond, andย roastedย banana (yum!). It tasted sooo good for me, but bf said it’s too sweet for him.


So overall, I’d like to be back and taste different food. Especially for the one in Bandung because really, the place is just good. I tried to take some pictures but I failed (newbie photographer hiks).

wallย  ย  ย ย room

NB : I just bought my first camera, I’ll work hard to post better picture next time ๐Ÿ™‚

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