Enjoying a Day Off Together at Monolog, Jakarta Selatan

After a busy and depressing month (for me, at least), boyfriend suggested that we should take a day-off together and refresh our mind. So today, he took off from Bandung early in the morning to Jakarta so that we could enjoy the day and have a Fridate. Initially, we were about to go to Dufan, when this monthly (women) torture came to me just yesterday. For some of us women, this particular time of the month means sickness all through the day and feel that we are about to faint. That happen to me for every first day and somehow come along to the second day. So, we scratched Dufan off the list and decided to head to a mall nearby, Pondok Indah Mall.

At first I asked bf to go to Union, since they said the pasta and Red Velvet were to die for. And then we saw Monolog in the floor right above it, and we fell in love with how it looks:
Monolog - front

It has this urban vibe, no? Wait till you went inside and be greeted by the bar:
Monolog - bar

The interior was very nice, and we had fun enjoying the bartender (?) made all the drinks. Here is the view from where I sat (I’m the one wearing pink in above picture):
Monolog - view 1
Monolog - view2

Feeling good already, we were excited to order our lunch. But since I think their name is ‘Monolog Quality Coffee Co.’, their main specialty is their coffee. And both of us are not a big fan of coffee. It’s just not that we don’t like it, it’s just that we prefer another drink if possible. Anyway, they don’t have a lot of main course. But the waitress explained every specialty menu so excitingly and informative that thank to her we could find what we wanted to order.

For the food, I decided to oder ‘Chicken Confit’ (served with baked rosemary garlic potato), while bf went for ‘The Fried Chicken Dinner’ (Batter-coated juicy fried chicken breast served with homemade gravy and french fries). Yeap, we are big fans of chicken.

Chicken Confit
Chicken Confit
The Fried Chicken Dinner
The Fried Chicken Dinner

And for the drink, I decided to have ‘London Fog’ (Bergamot-infused tea latte with vanilla). And yeah, once again I fell for the name first, and thankfully the description made it sounds so good. Meanwhile, bf and his green tea obsession decided to go with ‘Green Monster’ (pineapple, green apple, matcha green tea powder).

London Fog
London Fog
Green Monster
Green Monster

And now for the review, my food (Chicken Confit) was so good. The chicken meat was so tender that once I scratch it using my fork, the bones separate themselves. And the potato was good, and it literally had the whole garlic (not sliced, not minced). Since I’m a big fan of garlic (and onion, and red onion), I decided to give it a try. It was tender and just taste sweet and wasn’t so smelly. The sauce was also so good that the chicken and potato tasted even better. For bf’s meal (The Fried Chicken Dinner), the fried chicken was katsu like and it had creamy sauce that taste cheesy good. If you are a fan of creamy and cheesy sauce, you could try this food. And his potato fries was just like any other fries, what did I expect? Haha.

As for the drink, my drink (London Fog) tasted amazing, the latte you see in above picture got dissolved the minute I gave my first stir. It was a good tea-latte, and you can actually taste the vanilla, too. For the Green Monster, it tasted mainly like a pineapple juice. It was a little bit sour that might come from the green apple, but I didn’t really taste the matcha green tea. Maybe because it was only powder?

Overall, I’d give 4.0/5.0 for the interior and 3.9/5.0 for the food.

If you happen to go to Pondok Indah and want to have a good chat with your friends, this place is a good recommendation. Especially if you are a coffee addict, you might want to try their specialty.

Pondok Indah Mall – Street Gallery, Lantai 2
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan