Lunch Date at Luciole, Jakarta Barat

So earlier today, bf and Iย were totally starving on our way back to Jakarta. Our hometown is Bogor, a city near the capital, like 2 hours away. Usually every Sunday, whenever bf came home, he would drop me and my brother to our places in Jakarta before he went back to Bandung. Andย we would catch a date too in between ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, we decided to eat in a bistro in one of the most crowded shopping mall in West Jakarta: Central Park Mall. A month before, when we ate at Nanny’s Pavilion, we saw this bistro and fell in love with the design of the restaurant and promise ourself to eat there the next time. So this time, without hesitating we decided to eat at Luciole Bistro and Bar.

Luciole - Front

The interior is as good as we thought it would be. It is a perfect fit for friends to hang around and have ‘curhat’ (sharing) session. You would really just sit there by the window for hours, talking heart to heart with your girls.

Luciole - Interior 1Luciole - Interior 2

Luciole - Interior 3

As we were starving, we really crave for large portion food. I decided to order ‘Iga Asam Pedas’ (Spicy & Sour Beef Ribs Soup Blended in Indonesian Herbs Served with Rice). I have always loved Indonesian food. I personally think nothing can beat Indonesian spices, and I think I will madly miss pempek have I ever had to live abroad. Bf, on the other hand, decided to go with western menu : Pan Roasted Chicken (Aromatic Chicken Breast Served with Potato Lasagna and Fondue Sauce). Seriously, up until today I never knew potato lasagna existed.

Iga Asam Pedas
Iga Asam Pedas
Pan Roasted Chicken
Pan Roasted Chicken

As for the drinks, bf decided to order ‘Melons’, which literally is mix of all melons (Watermelon, Rock Melon, Melon Syrup). And I went with ‘After the Rain’. I admit, I thought to orderย it because of the name of the drink :p As I read that it is a mix of Blue Curacao Syrup and Ginger Ale, I decided to order it because I love ginger ale.

Luciole - Melons
After the Rain
After the Rain

Now, for the review.
I’d give 4.0/5.0 for the interior.
I love love love the interior. I would come back just to sit and have a nice talk while overlooking all the people in the Tribeca Park. And on Sunday, some people bring their dogs to the Tribeca Park, so it was fun to watch.
For the food, I will give 3.7/5.0.
It is good, but also depends on each person preferences. I really like what I ordered. It’s a perfect combination of sour and sweet soup for me, and it tasted originally Indonesian. I think this is important since most sour and sweet soup turned to tasted like tom yum most of the time. But, bf said it is too spicy for him. And, oh, the ribs is way too many for most girls to eat alone, I think. This is a plus point for me tho :p As for the pan roasted chicken, I didn’t thought the potato lasagna would taste good too, but it did. And the chicken is tender and the spices tasted just right. The ‘Melons’ tasted (and look like) Rock Melon juice. We didn’t taste any watermelon in it. But I think it’s alright since it tasted good & sweet. And the ‘After the Rain’ didn’t actually tasted like Ginger Ale. For me it tasted like fruit punch with soda.

So if you’re gonna have any heart to heart session with your bff, I’d recommend this place. Or if you have any casual meeting, this place would also give you a good vibe and atmosphere.

Luciole Bistro and Bar
Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall
Jakarta Barat