Ikkudo Ichi at Eco Art Park, Sentul

Back in May, my family and bf’s family went to have a dinner at a Sundanese restaurant in Sentul. After we finished, we decided to have a walk around to see what they call as ‘Eco Art Park’ in Sentul, near Bogor. That was the first time I know that we have Ikkudo Ichi near Bogor (my hometown). I have been wanting to try the ramen for so long (the one in Grand Indonesia is always full), plus the place seems too good to not be visited. Here it is from the front view:
ikkudo ichi front2

And shortly after May, me & bf had already come here once, but it was at night and I really regret not having a good camera to capture all of the goodness of the interior. So this time around I decided to bring my camera. It was a two-storey building, in which the second floor was only in the middle. And it was also very green:

That’s the view from where we’re sitting. A very nice place to eat, I really love the interior. I also love how the woody interior falls together with yellow lights and the greens from all the tree :3

Anyway, I ordered Tori Signature, while bf (as usual) ordered Tori Curry. And we opt for the curly noodle. They give two options for the noodle : curly and small. FYI, this store is halal, so no Buta (pork) menus. Here are how they look:

Tori Signature
Tori Signature
curry ramen
Tori Curry

And here are another captures of the interior:

Just looking at the pictures make me want to come again. The restaurant building is actually a join of 3 restaurants : Ikkudo Ichi, Warung Tekko, and Carnivor. So if you plan to come with your family, and some of your family member could not eat Japanese, you still have Sundanese food (Warung Tekko) and steaks (Carnivor) as options πŸ™‚

Overall I’ll give 4/5 for food (Ikkudo Ichi) and 4/5 for the place.


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