Food-locked at Baker Street, Bandung

Do you guys watch Sherlock Holmes, the TV Series? The one with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock? Well he lived at Baker Street 221B, and there was this one episode where Sherlock himself has to figure out what is the password for Irene’s (Sherlock’s love interest) phone after their relationship was ruined. It has four characters like this:


And apparently Irene has not moved on from their relationship, because the pin is S-H-E-R, making it : I AM SHERLOCKED. I was awed by the idea of it. Well I know that neither Samsung’s Android or iPhone or Blackberry has lock screen like that. But the idea of it being a phone password and the message that makes us viewer notice that Irene has not moved on yet, that was cool.

Anyway, I was immediately reminded of Sherlock and this episode when we drive through this cool place called ‘Baker Street’.

Baker Street

So last Saturday we decided to stop and have brunch here. As you can see, the place is full, so I was wondering whether the place and food is as good as it is seen from the outside. The front door is a spinning door, which is cool:

front door

We were going to ask for a table on the second floor, but apparently the second floor was for smoking room. And none of us smoke, so we were good at the first floor. And then we decided to order immediately. As you can peek above, they have a lot kind of cakes and bread, they literally are ‘baker’. But since we have not eaten, we decided to opt for big meal. Bf decided to have sloppy joe and I decided to have lasagna.

Baker Street - Sloppy Joe
Baker Street – Sloppy Joe
Baker Street - Lasagna
Baker Street – Lasagna

And as usual, I order mojito with lime. They have a lot kind though, there was also kiwi and lychee. And, bf also decided to get an eclair.

Baker Street - Mojito
Baker Street – Mojito
Baker Street - Mojito & Eclair
Baker Street – Mojito & Eclair

Believe me, the lasagna is to die for. It tasted sooo good, hands down the best lasagna I have ever bought. And it was huge, notice the size comparison with the tomato? The sloppy joe even has three slices of it. And the price was around IDR 40K each. So it was totally worth the price. I think next time we would buy just one big meal and one cake. The eclair was also good, the chocolate cracked smoothly and they are not stingy with the Crème Anglaise (French for “English cream“) inside. The eclair only costs IDR 18K.

They also have their own cooking class in the back side of their resto:

Baker Street - Cooking Class
Baker Street – Cooking Class

Looks like mini Masterchef warehouse right? They also can take private classes for group of six. We are currently considering to take the class :p We would totally come back to this place and next time we would buy the cakes. We were too full before that we barely finish our food.

On our way out, I just realized that in front of the spinning door, there is this good quote below. I just could not resist to take picture of it.

Baker Street - Single Step
Baker Street – Single Step

You can visit their instagram below:
Baker Street Bakery
Jl. Cimandiri No 18, Bandung

Xoxo, Grc