Give Ourselves Vitamin Art at Kopi Selasar, Bandung

Just yesterday, we was really bored when the evening comes. So we decided to go somewhere. This is a problem in Bandung. This ‘somewhere’ could be anywhere here because there are too many cute places around. Plus, it was evening. We are too full to have dinner, but we already had lunch. So we decided to just find a coffee place, which, are also everywhere here. Affected from my conversation in the morning with a friend when we were talking about romantic places in Dago, I decided to google places to enjoy in Dago. Upon some articles and google image search, I have set our destination to this one place. Almost like what happened before when we finally ate at Soleluna, this time we stumbled upon this place called ‘Kopi Selasar’ on the way to our planned destination. And even though we actually found our planned destination, our heart was stolen already by ‘Kopi Selasar’ that we decided to turn the car around and spend our time there.

I had a feeling that we did not make a mistake going to this place when this is what greets us for the first time:

Kopi Selasar - Front

Followed by:

Kopi Selasar - Front 2

And I know my feeling is right when this is what it looks like on the inside:

Kopi Selasar - inside

Kopi Selasar - inside 2

So, as the name of the place tells, they serve many varieties of coffee, like half of their menu are coffee. After probably 15 minutes of thinking since they have so many varieties and neither me nor bf understand coffee, we decided to order what looks good in the picture in the menu. I ordered a cold Coffee Selasar Choco-Mint Ice Cream. It costs IDR 32k.

Coffee Selasar Choco-Mint Ice Cream
Coffee Selasar Choco-Mint Ice Cream

As you can see, it has coffee, syrup, steamed milk and foam with ice cream in it. I stir all of it so that the ice cream would blend as well. But it tastes like all your normal latte for me, it’s sweet (from the syrup -the green one), and creamy from the ice cream.

Bf, on the other hand, decided to order their Irish Coffee, which the description says it is coffee with Irish whiskey, topped off with whipped cream. This one costs IDR 45k.

Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee

The Irish whiskey in it is so strong that I can smell it from before the waitress reach our table to serve it. The coffee is also quite strong in this one. Just not my kind of coffee, but if you’re a fan of strong coffee drinks, you might find this suit your taste.

After some time chatting, browsing (they have free Wi-Fi), taking pictures, and just sitting/watching people around, I feel like I need a light meal, just because I’d love to, haha. So we decided to have Potato Chicken Balls that costs IDR 32k.

Potato Cheese Balls
Potato Cheese Balls

The potato cheese balls tasted good, it has literally potato and chicken, smashed and soft, inside it. I love it, while bf doesn’t really like it. So he ended up munching just the french fries. Good for me, I can finish all the potato cheese balls all by myself :p

If you’d like to go here for a meal, they also have main dishes like Oxtail Soup and Fried Rice. Their main dish menu consists mostly of Indonesian menu and prices are ranged from IDR 30k to IDR 60k.

The place is a work of art. No wonder they call themselves art space. So ‘Kopi Selasar’ or ‘Selasar Cafe’ is a part of ‘Selasar Sunaryo Art Space’. SSAS is a cultural centre located in Bandung, whose programs cover various art disciplines such as Visual arts, performing arts and literature. We had a chance to take a look around and these are some of the other parts of SSAS, which has the same artistic feels:

  • Cinderamata Selasar or Selasar Shop
    I was very sad because they didn’t allow me to take pictures inside the building. But I respect that. Here, they mostly sell books about art, which I don’t understand art at all. As a programmer, I think my way of thinking is very logical. Bf said they sell the kind of books that his design-major or architect-major friend would like to visit.

    Cinderamata Selasar (Selasar Shop)
    Cinderamata Selasar (Selasar Shop)

    Cinderamata Selasar
    Cinderamata Selasar (Selasar Shop)
  • Amphitheater
    Based on their website, it is an open circular space with large screen, has a maximum capacity of 300 people and was specially built and structured for staging performing arts events, poetry readings, screenings and other cultural events.


As we took a look around, we realize that every part of the place is worth a picture:

Kopi Selasar - Around

Kopi Selasar - Around 2

Kopi Selasar - Around 2

Kopi Selasar - Around 3

So, would I come back? Yes, I would. I’d also like to take my design-major friends there. If you’d like to know the place more, they do have their own website:

Selasar Sunaryo
Bukit Pakar Timur No.100

Xoxo, Grc

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