Trying One of the Dessert Religions, SUMOBOO!!

Quite a while ago, during a small reunion, one of my friends said: “These dessert places are like religions. You can break it down into two big teams: it’s either you’re team Hong Tang or team Sumoboo.” I was like, really? Wouldn’t all dessert places give you the same taste? I have tried Hong Tang long before this blog was born. And this time, I have the chance to taste Sumoboo at Paris Van Java, Bandung.



I have always loved pudding. It is my number one dessert to go. So, in here, I was so happy because one of their section in the menu is ‘Mixed Pudding’. I immediately ordered mixed pudding + mochi + KitKat + sliced almond. Bf, on the other hand, was feeling to have sour/fresh dessert. So he goes by ordering strawberry + strawberry sauce + mochi + ice cream.

Strawberry + strawberry sauce + mochi + ice cream
Strawberry + strawberry sauce + mochi + ice cream

‘The strawberry dessert’ comes with shaved ice, strawberry ice cream, slices of strawberry, mochi (not strawberry flavor) and strawberry jam. It’s refreshingly sour, but the ice cream and mochi kind of made up for the sweetness. The mochi is chewy to the very inside. There was one place that I don’t remember where the mochi is only chewy in the outer layer, and it’s harsh on the inside, which is kind of a let down for me. But Sumoboo’s mochis are chewy good. This dessert costs IDR 45k.

Mixed pudding + mochi + KitKat + sliced almond
Mixed pudding + mochi + KitKat + sliced almond

‘The pudding dessert’ comes with 4 different kinds of puddings, mochi, sliced of almonds, 2 bars of KitKat, shaved ice, and milk. The puddings flavours are milk, mango, green tea, and taro. As a big lover of pudding, this is a big treat. At first I thought the almond slices would be strange, but it surprisingly mix well with the rest. This one cost IDR 35k.

Sumoboo is famous for their iced dessert. One of their most iconic dessert is the Boo!! Kakigori. In case you’re wondering, it’s a shaved ice + ice cream shaped into a cute bear head. The reason we did not order this is because the shaved ice is sooo big, and we think if we ordered it we have to finish it together and not ordering anything else. Anyway, aside from their iced dessert, they also have main dishes, like pasta, donburi, and ramen. Also, they have lot kinds of drink too like smoothies, flavoured beer, and chocolate drinks.

The only minus I think all these dessert places (not only Sumoboo) have is that they don’t offer you mineral water. We have to purchase it ourselves. But that’s just one little thing and maybe that’s just us :p

So, to close this post, am I team Sumoboo or team Hong Tang? I guess I’ll give both a second try to then decide which team I am :p

Xoxo, Grc