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Disclaimer : this is a subjective review. Also, spoiler alert.




Nick Burkhardt is a police detective who suddenly sees changes in people’s face as he spends his day. The night after, his aunt who has been taking care of him since he was a child came and told him a family secret that she’s been keeping from him. That he’s a Grimm, who can see creatures, or wesen as they call it and was fated to kill them.



I like supernatural stories, and I like detectives stories. So when both of them is put together, I was so so happy. Especially because the main character, Nick Burkhardt, is a police detective and a Grimm. So the criminal he’s haunting can turn out to be a wesen (a shape-shifting person). So interesting to watch. And it’s started with one-episode-one-crime type of series, so it’s perfect to watch while doing any chores at home (guilty!). The first three seasons was steady and give a little bit of everything for us to still be interested. Nick is still new and getting a grip on being a Grimm, and then turns out there are secrets and mystery he needs to find. And the enemy, the Royal, is a family of royalty which will do anything to retrieve the secret keys the Grimms have been hiding.

So it’s fun and interesting and made me curious enough to continue watching. That is…until around fourth season.

Are the writers kidding me? Do they change their writers in the middle? Or are they just simply bored that they just change everything abruptly?

The big enemies in this show just vanished so so easily and then confirmed by a single line from a character, like wth?

The royals are gone with the King being overthrown from a helicopter ONLY? I mean, it’s a freaking monarchy. It should never be abolished just like that. And what about their goal to take whatever it is the keys are hiding? All of the whole monarchy just forget about that?

The Black Claw? They’re supposedly exists all over the world and then they just got demolished just because their co-founder’s death in Portland? Underline the ‘co’ in co-founder. And isn’t it a big organization all over the world?

And then on the very last season when the show is cancelled, they just gave us a whole new (supposedly) super big enemy. Just why?

And aside from all of that, the core thing, the main characters, they just…change character? Adalind just suddenly becomes a good person and Juliette suddenly becomes emotionless? WTH?  And don’t get me started with the confusing personality that Is Sean Renard. He was sketchy from the beginning and then turns out he was good and then he’s not?

And then what happened with the group against the royals in the beginning of the series that’s called the resistance? Oh I forgot, the royals no longer exist so they’re just gone too and Meisner just suddenly become a part of a new organization called Hadrian Walls? What happened with the coins from season 1? And Nick’s mother who was told as very very good at combat and have been hiding for 20+ years just walked into a trap and got killed?

What happened to all of it? Are they kidding?


What I Like The Most

It’s a supernatural + detective story combined!


What I Dislike The Most

The story line towards the end and all of the character inconsistency.


Where to Watch



My Final Rating

I’d give Season 1-3 3.5 and the rest of the remaining seasons a solid 2.
That’d be 2.75 overall.


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