I Got Married!!

Following the engagement post here, bf and I got married, yeaaaay! After eight freaking years of together, through the ups and downs and the distances and more than one year of preparation, we finally went through that one precious day on March 11, 2017. All of the worry, bad thoughts, frustrations finally got set aside. To all of you who are going to get married, don’t worry too much. The more you worry, the more things will get messy.

A little pre-story, hubby & I lived in Bandung while our wedding is in Bogor. Thank God all of the vendors are very kind and agreed to meet on weekends. But, the distance got us very lazy to check on wedding festivals in Bogor or Jakarta. Don’t be like us, do check the wedding fairs, they do have crazy-ass discount 🙂 We’re just like to get discounts even if we don’t go to the fairs.

Don’t worry much about what people say about your choice of wedding vendors. There would always be people asking and look down on your choice. Put no care to it, you are the one who would remember all of this once it’s all over. So it better be YOUR choice. You don’t want to remember or regret having chosen what you don’t like later on.

Here is my list of vendor and my review of some of them. I’m a satisfied and happy bride. If you have any question or want to ask for their contact, do email me at me@heytheregrace.com


Venue: Bogor Icon Hotel

Our first choice was actually Yasmin Banquet & Hall. But then my Dad said it’s better for us to have it in a hotel so that we wouldn’t need to worry about the catering and we can spend the night there as well. So we went around Bogor to search hotel with the ideal wedding hall and place. The plus for picking this hotel is that they have a pretty little room that you could use in the morning. We use it to held our holy matrimony. Also, the room and ballroom (called Sky Room and Sky Ballroom) is located in the very top of the building (level 16), with glasses on each side making it pretty. The only lack is that they kept changing PIC. By the time of our wedding, the PIC is the fourth PIC we got.

    Things to consider for picking venue:

  • Capacity
  • Parking
    Some of the hotels in Bogor doesn’t have that much of a parking space. One hotel requires the parking to use valet, and your guest have to pay for it, or if you prefer your guest to not pay, you need to pay it for them.
  • Rooms
    Most likely, you are going to spend the night in the same hotel. Most likely, too, the hotel would give you free room if you held the wedding there. Tip: do check with them about the free of if you can switch some facility they gave that you’re not going to use with free hotel rooms.
  • Surrounding area.
    Check with the hotel if you can use the surrounding area like the swimming pool, the stairs, any place within the hotel for your photo or for your pre-wedding. Based on your photographer, they might want to shoot you in the best spot in the hotel.


Catering: Bogor Icon Hotel

If you hold your party at a hotel, chances are they already pack the payment with meal. And if you bring food from outside of the hotel, you’re going to need to pay surcharges. The plus side is that you don’t have to worry about the catering. The negative side is, it’s going to be hard on you if you want to bring food from out of the hotel.

    Things to consider for picking catering :

  • My WO told me this : ask if their portion is counted by PLATE, or by PORTION. Because some catering counts it by plate, means if the plate is all out, they’re not going to provide another plate. By portion is better, because that means that the plate will keep on flowing.
  • If you held it in a hotel, ask about if you bring food from outside, whether it is for morning activity, or for your reception.
  • Ask about the food test. You’re supposed to have at least one food test before your day. Be very, very critical during the food test.


Photo & Video : Alienco

Photo, is the most important thing for a wedding for me. Because during the wedding, we don’t know or see anything. We just followed the rundown. You can only see what’s happening on the day of your wedding in the photo and video. So I literally scrawl Bridestory to search for the best photography with the best price. And I come down to Alienco.

We are very, very impressed by their result and work ethic. Mbak Renny, the contact person, is very, very nice. And very patient. You can tell that they are eager to have the best result for you. They came to the technical meeting, they even tell me ever in the instant moment when I transferred the down payment to inform them the technical meeting.

They came very early in the morning, they bring their own drink and HT.  They tell us to ‘not worry about them’ when we asked them to have a drink. They dressed very tidy and well. They wore white shirt and brown trousers, and put on a suite for the reception. Any time possible during the wedding day, really, any time there is opportunity, they asked us to take more picture or shoot for video. And they bring props that we would never think of to make the photo better.  They’re very nice, and they’re also funny so the atmosphere when taking picture is always nice.

And the Same Day Edit is very, very well documented and edited. You can view it on their Youtube channel . And here is mine:

    Things to consider for picking photo & video :

  • If they reside outside of your town, ask if they require extra cost for coming to your place.
  • Ask how many people in their team that would come during your day, they might need lunch boxes for you to provide.

Check their Instagram : @aliencophoto


Wedding Organizers : Jenifer Wang Wedding Organizer

Before I say anything, I would really, really thank the WO team at Jenifer Wang to handle EVERYTHING so smoothly. The PICs are very, very nice. Always ask us if we need water, if we want to take a break, and if I need to use sandal for a bit. Thanks for them, during the D-Day, I don’t worry or think about anything. Any worry you have, ask them and they will resolve it for you. A little story from me, I forgot to order drink for lunch boxes. Very stupid of me. I told my mother who then told the WO team. And not even fifteen minutes later, one of the WO team arrived with three boxes of mineral water. My family loved them very, very much for handling my wedding day so nicely. Everyone in the team was so neat-handed, and they are always standby, asking if you need anything. We had meetings before the D-Day, and a technical meeting the night before. So in the morning, everyone knows what we need them for. They also dressed very neat in all black with nametags. They have three packages type with different prices, and they also have wedding planner services (using a wedding planner, you don’t need to go around to find or deal with vendors, they will do it for you).

    Things to consider for picking a wedding organizer :

  • See when you talk to them, if they can accept your opinion, We don’t want a stone-header organizer.
  • Ask around if they dress neatly during the event. You don’t want anyone dressed like a mechanic on your D-Day. (I met one, really)
  • Ask how many people would be on your event, what are each of them in charge for. You will need at least : one solely to lead, one for the rundown, one for you and your husband/wife to be, one for bride’s family, one for groom’s family, one or two for the catering counts.

Check their instagram : @jeniferwang.weddingorganizer


Master of Ceremony : David Setiawan

I’ve known Ko David ever since I was a kid. He has always been a good MC. So when I heard that he can also be a wedding MC, I contacted him right away. He guided the reception very well and he can cooperate with our Wedding Organizer team, too. He’s funny, but not cheesy.  He guided us on when to enter, when to ring the bell, and so on. Also a point for me is that he does not have a high-pitched voice.

    Things to consider for picking MC :

  • Go to a lot of weddings upcoming your wedding day. That’s how you can see if you click with the way the MC guide the event.
  • Hubby actually give me one note : please find an MC that does not joke inappropriately.
  • For me : I need one whose voice isn’t high-pitched.
  • Ask any good MC you know, he might MC for wedding, too 🙂


Bride Gown & Suit : Jenifer Wang

Since the start of the wedding planning, I know that I don’t want to create a new gown. I want one I can try and see how it looks on me. They have the prettiest and most modern wedding dresses. Their new collection comes in every other months. They let me try wedding dresses until D minus 3 months. Their bridal space is very cozy, and I really really love their collection. I seriously couldn’t decide which one I would want to wear on my big day until I really have to choose. Each one is very pretty and modern and distinctively different. So you have a lot of model choices.

    Things to consider for picking a bridal (if you want to use a ready-stock gown) :

  • Always check their collection, see if there is at least one you can picture yourself in.
  • Check if they have your size. Don’t rely on a belief that you will get skinnier or stockier.

Check their instagram : @jeniferwang.bridal


Bride & Groom MUA : Jenifer Wang

First of all, make up is relevant. What you think is good, doesn’t always looks good in someone else’s eyes. Therefore, I put a careless mind to what people think ever since the beginning. Because trust me, there are always, always people who says “this MUA is better” even after you put your down payment in. Yeah, I just don’t care, go screw someone else’s mind, you just can’t screw mine. Just mind your opinion only because you are the one who would remember it through the photograph after the big day is over.

I’ve seen some of Ci Jenifer’s work in her instagram, and I love it. If you look for a much-better-version-but-still-you type of make up, she’s the best. I like it that I still look like me. She would listen to your input and ideas and let you have a look of what it would like during the make up test. She’s also very attentive, asking your opinion during the process. She would look for ways to make you feel comfortable with the makeup, from soft lenses to lighter eyelashes. I highly recommend her. Since her style of make up is Korean and Japanese, if you look for a deep contour kind of make up like Kim Kardashian’s, you might want another option 🙂

    Things to consider for picking a MUA :

  • Ask for a test make up for before your day, this is VERY important
  • See if she/he is stubborn. You don’t want someone insist you that you look better this way when you think otherwise. (Really, a friend of mine said her hair-do artist literally refused to put her hair down for the reception on the D-Day).
  • Check for her/his previous works.

Check her instagram : @jeniferwan9


Mothers MUA : Vivian via Jenifer Wang

A little props to Vivian for making our mother look very, very young and pretty. My mother’s wrinkles just went away I don’t know where. My Mom especially love it that her eyes looked big WITHOUT any eye tape. She’s very impressed and talk about it all the time 🙂

Check her instagram : @vivianippo


Decoration : Drew Decoration
Wedding Cake : Aaron Cake
Prewedding Shoot : Jenifer Wang Photoworks
Prewedding Gown : Jenifer Wang
Bridesmaid MUA : Pauline & Yuanita via Jenifer Wang
Entertainment : Noph & Jo Entertainment
Wedding Invitation & Souvenir : Angel’s Card
Hand bouquet : Drew Decoration & Ceshaflower (rearranged by bride)
Fathers, Brother, Bestmen Boutonnier : Ceshaflower

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