Meet Sam, the Cutest Little Thing On Earth

I live in a different city than my parents. My baby brother (he’s big now, but he’s still my baby brother by heart) just graduated college and will soon be pretty busy, too. We have been urging our parents to buy a puppy so they would have someone to take care of, and to accompany them when we are away. After a long deliberation, they decided that they wanted a Pomeranian dog, because they’re small and cute and smart. They are afraid that a big dog would need more attention and costs. And it really needs to be cute so they would fall in love with him/her.

So after our marriage, when my mother and baby brother visited us in Bandung, we brought them to Rumah Guguk (Guguk is a short abbreviation of what a dog would sound like when they bark, and rumah means house. So rough translation would be : the barking house) and Pet Distro to take a look of some puppies. Long story short, my mom fell in love with one puppy at Pet Distro. Apparently they can deliver the puppy to Bogor where my parents live. But since I will be going home anyway the next week, hubby and I decided to bring her home with us. And as we were dealing with the price, there is this cute, little, very active puppy that caught our attention. We wanted to let her out so she can run around for a while since she is very energetic and the crate seems too confining for her.

And then we fell in love with her.

And then….

Long story short, we bought her 😂😂

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We named her Samantha, and we call her Sam or Samsam. She’s only five months old and she likes to run around the house. She likes to play catch with her favourite ball and rip tissues and plastic bags off. She also likes to bother her Cici & Koko (me and hubby) when we are eating or just laying around the sofa. Also she doesn’t like to be left alone.

Here she is trying to rip my camera neck strap off :

sam the ripper 1
Sam the Ripper

All in all, she’s a cute little furball that makes our day happier 🙂

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