It’s Pasta Day! At Beatrice Quarters, PVJ, Bandung

[Update – Nov 3, 2017] They appear to be replaced byย Noobie Kitchen now. Haven’t tried it yet, but they seem to still keep the interior. Go give it a try and tell me how it is ๐Ÿ™‚

So, just today, I joined bf and his office mates to watch Avengers : Age of Ultron. Quick spoiler : there are a lotย of heroes. Cheesy, I know, sorry :p So before the movie started, we decided to have dinner first, because rumours said the movie would be 2.5 hours (which is true). We were thinking of what to eat when we remembered we saw this resto at the very corner when we park our car at the very end of the outdoor parking lot. In short, it’s next to the Duck King in PVJ. As the name suggested, the place is pinky and girly. Even the lights have crowns :

Beatrice Quarters - PVJ
Beatrice Quarters – PVJ
Beatrice Quarters - PVJ
The table is pinky cute ๐Ÿ™‚
Beatrice Quarters - PVJ - mirror
The mirrors are cutely painted!

We took a look at the menu first before really coming in. We kind of do that to restaurants that we haven’t been into. I mean, what if you come in and there is nothing you can eat? So when we were approaching, the menu on the LCD display was only cakes and deserts. But the waiter said they do serve main courses too. So, we came in.

Complimentaryย Welcome Food

Bf is not usually the pasta-kind-of-guy, but this time, both of us decided to have pasta. He decided to have Les Japonnaise Chicken, andย for the sake of my love for garlic and onion family I decided to order Chicken Garlic Spaghetti.

Chicken Garlic Spaghetti
Chicken Garlic Spaghetti – IDR 55k
Les Japonnaise Chicken
Les Japonnaise Chicken – IDR 58k
Les Japonnaise Chicken
Les Japonnaise Chicken

If you really like garlic, you should try the chicken garlic one. I am one of those unlikely person that really like garlic, so I love this one. As seen in the picture above, it was cooked with garlic and topped with spring onions. The chicken comes in big lot of chunks, and really, even though it doesn’t seem like so, the portionย was really stomach-full. It kind of tasted like aglio olio, just minus the spiciness. Bf’s Les Japonnaise Chicken was good, too. The sauce was like a little bit saltier carbonaraย , topped with chicken katsu and melted cheese. We really did need to stop eating in the middle because we were so full. The portion is no joke.

For the drink, we were initially going to order the shared one. But since there was only the two of us and the waiter said that the shared one can be shared for up to four people, we decided to just go with single glass. Bf order Honey Lemonade while I order Orange Squash.

Orange Squash
Orange Squash – IDR 28k
Honey Lemonade
Honey Lemonade – IDR 29k

We were surprised to know that they have an opening discount for 30%. Such a good treat. The discount is only until May 5th, 2015, guys. Go catch it.

Aside from the ones that we ordered, we are also interested in their other menu and of course their dessert. They have BQ Rice Pizza which has Japanese Style and Italian Style. I’m also interested to taste their breakfast. So yeah, we will be going back, I guess.

Beatrice Quarter
Paris Van Java – beside the Duck King

P.S : so sorry if the pictures areย a little off, I went there straight from my office, and only have my compact digital camera. Really wish the editing saved them :p

Xoxo, Grc