Lunch in Bed Instead at Vanilla, Bandung

You know how in some movies there will be a scene where the character would be woken up and have a loved one prepare her/himย breakfast in bed? I have always wanted to try it but my mother has this very strict rule to not eat in bed. So all my life, I could barely remember the time I ate in bed. No, seriously, have I ever? This habit is contagious though, I found myself nagging bf a lot aboutย it. So anyway, there is this restaurant in Bandung where you could actually do that. The place is called ‘Vanilla’.

Vanilla Bandung 2
V for Vanilla ๐Ÿ™‚

Bf had told and nag me about this place since like forever.ย So we were really glad that we finally had the chance to run there. Anyway, maybe you could tell already from above pictures that they provide the bed and the little table and side tables at the restaurant’s terrace. That, plus given the cold weather of Bandung, omg, I definitely love the place. Even after we ate we just laid there still for a good half hour :p In case you are wondering, they do have an indoor space which also looks very nice:

Vanilla Bandung 4

Vanilla Bandung 3

And of course, as much as I love the place, they wouldn’t let me just sit/lay there without ordering right? And because of some reason we had to skip our breakfast, we decided to just eat big (yeah, we always eat big anyway haha).

Vanilla Bandung 5
Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Vanilla Bandung 6
Tenderloin Mozarella
Vanilla Bandung 7
Maja Mint Mojito
Vanilla Bandung 8
Summer Spring

The food was good enough and in line with the price (for me). The drinks tasted good enough too, bf with his green/healthy drink obsession and me with my sweet obsession. Regardless,ย I would totally go back there just to lay down and enjoy the view though. And the place itself has a lot of good spot/object for photos. For example, even though none of me orย bf smoke, this ashtray and the brand’s slogan is very cool:

Vanilla Bandung 9
Go Ahead, Dream Big ๐Ÿ™‚

And also, this is how it looks from the outdoor area (yes, it does have one):

Vanilla Bandung 10

And I actually saved the best photo for the last. This is what first greet us once we step ‘up’ to the restaurant (it is located on the 2nd floor):

Vanilla Bandung 11

I think even if I go there next time, I would still take my camera with me and busy capturing. I took all these photo with bf’s Nikon because I stupidly left my Fujifilm at my place. I could barely use mine, moreover using his. Some pictures were actually taken by him ๐Ÿ™‚ And for the pictures that might not be looking good, that’s me, I’m guilty :p

Anyway, they do have their own blog here:
Vanilla Kitchen andย Wine
Cimanuk 11, Bandung