How My 2017 Was

Without further a do, some of what I achieved in 2017 :

1) I got married!!

After preparing for more than 1 year, we finally rounded all the preparation together for the one day on March 11! I had the greatest team helping me with my wedding. Read here for the story.

2) I finally decided to get my own domain

I know I haven’t done a lot of things with this blog/domain, and this blog hasn’t been going anywhere into any direction, but I’m really glad I did get this domain. It’s like having my own place to express myself.

3) I got a dog!

I had been scared of dogs for as long as I can remember. Then come Sam-sam and now I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Here’s what she was like if you would like to know.

4) We bought a motorbike.

Seriously, we’ve lived too long without a bike, lol. Bandung’s traffic is hauntingly, disgustingly jammed these days. Well not much compared to Jakarta, but it has started to feel like we’re wasting our time on the road in the car. Hubby got cranky because of the traffic, and I got bored so I checked what I can check on the phone, then hubby tried to talk to me but I’m busy checking what I can check on the phone, so he got mad and I got mad, and so we’re both mad. Lol so we decided to get a bike.

6) We both bought new phones.

Lol, we’ve been using our phones for years. I used to use an old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which hasn’t serve LTE/4G yet. The phone’s great and all, but internet packages here in Indonesia that’s not for 4G/LTE is waaay more expensive and I can’t take it, lol. And hubby’s been using his old old iPhone 5 that I always got mad at because the screen’s too small. We both like taking pictures and we like sleek design, so we decided to buy new phones that would cater what we need.

7) We live together on our own (and try to adult)

Adulting is hard, lol. But we’re glad we’re in it together. Create our own rules for the house, buy furnitures for the house, compromise for house chores, getting lazy together, lol. It just feels sooo good to be in a house together, and just us (with Sam-sam) doing nothing on a day off.


It was a year of achieving and spending expenses. But it’s good to see that what we pay is what we get 🙂 I hope we spent too much this year that next year we can start saving much more. And we also got our first experience on how to run a house, lol. Nobody told me that kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) ran out so easily! Nobody told me that there is always, always, always going to be dishes to be washed. Nobody told me that it is important to mop the floor after sweeping it if you don’t want the floor to be sticky, or that I have to vacuum the house often to get rid of debris or Sam-sam’s falling fur. Running a house is not easy (at first), but we’re glad we managed to make it work.

So how was your 2017? I hope it’s as good or even better than mine 🙂

Oh and happy new year!!