2018 in a Whim

I’m so late with this new year post. But it’s still January, so it would still be ok, right?

So 2018 was….just another year, really. But there are things that I’m really thankful for that happened in 2018. Here goes some in no particular order:

  1. That I actually got through it.
    I’ve had excessive overthinking problem that I’ve been having ever since I started working. It’s depressing, haunting and actually just eating me from the inside. This year, I actually got the courage to acknowledge it, tried to overcome it, and actually made it to 2019! I’m still far from being able to enjoy and not making every little thing about my job stress-inducing-free but I’d like to think I’m getting there. So yeay me!
  2. We went to two road trips (and some other nature destinations)
    We went to Pangandaran during the fasting season and it’s the best of the road and the view Pangandaran had given me. The road is jam-free and the beach is empty, clean and beautiful as oppose to the usual overcrowded/too many people and dirty beach it usually is during any big holiday.
    heytheregrace.com | Pantai Pangandaran from Above
    Also got the chance to catch sunrise at Borobudur which was just so mesmerizing and reminded me that God is good.
    heytheregrace.com | Sunrise at Borobudur 15Went to Sanghyang Heuleut and hiked like my heart was about to burst! It was beautiful and I thank God afterwards that I can actually still feel my heart beat so hard during the hike.
    heytheregrace.com | Sanghyang Heuleut 7
    Got the chance to see the sky turned vanilla twilight in Jepara!
    heytheregrace.com | Vanilla Twilight after Sunset at Yam Yam Resto Jepara
    Seen the best greenery view ever at Sunrise Point Cukul, Pengalengan.
    heytheregrace.com | Puncak Giri Sunrise Point Cukul, Pengalengan 35
  3. Our parents are all alright and well.
    Enough said.
  4. My grandmother is still healthy.
    She is the kindest soul I have ever known. She’d care about everyone a lot and always seems to have a smile on her face. She’s the only grandparent I’ve ever known (my grandfather and my other grandparents passed away when I was little or even before I was born) and her existence alone is a big big blessing in my live. I wish she’d live till forever.
  5. We got the chance to taste delicious delicious food.
    My personal favourite of 2018 are bolu bakar tunggal and se’i sapi lamalera.
    heytheregrace.com | Bolu Bakar Tunggal 2 Bolu Bakar Tunggalheytheregrace.com | Se'i Sapi Lamalera - Graphic 1
  6. We bought…a washing machine. Not much, but I really like the ease it gave me.
  7. Samsam turned 2 on December 2018 and is the cutest pup ever!! I think in a way she helped got through this anxiety I’ve been having.
    heytheregrace.com | Little Venice Puncak
  8. We can still live pretty comfortably, I’d say.
    Well we both still have a nice enough income to live comfortably under our own house now and had accommodation that we needed. (But really, a motorbike is all you need ever since this online-ride-sharing boom that doubled our traffic everywhere!)
  9. We eventually decided to buy the house that we’ve been living in.
    It’s very small and not in the best neighborhood. But we love the area and the neighbors are all good people. And I’m just thankful that we can (start) paying to buy this house.
  10. This blog has been running for 2 years and updated more often.
    I’ve been able to post around 4 posts a month in 2018. And I really enjoyed it. This is what my ‘pensieve’ is.
  11. And last, that my husband is the most understanding person alive.
    I am not my best self the past year, I need to acknowledge that. I’m moody, got mad and overthink a lot over the smallest little thing (like not putting stuff where it belongs, which lead to it being lost and I have to find it). It still irritates me a lot but I’d like me to react to it better other than just burst into madness. Oh he’s irritated too when I’m mad but he’s still there and try to make me laugh every time and gave me a pat in the head when I need to. So thank God and thank him and ILY boo to pluto and back!
    heytheregrace.com | Sunrise at Borobudur 14


So here’s to 2019, I wish this year would be even better and we’ll come out at the end of it THRIVING!